With many years of legal experience, I have reached certain undeniable conclusions...

  • The best justice is a mutually agreed-upon resolution that the parties control, as opposed to one forced upon them by a judge, jury, or arbitrator.
  • At trial, there are no real winners.
  • The personal interests of the litigants and/or their lawyers drive lawsuits, not the facts, the law, or the probability of victory.
  • The overall cost of litigation, including dollars spent, lost opportunity costs, stress, and emotional toll, is rarely justified.
  • The benefits to all participants of putting the dispute behind them, far outweighs their perceived "best day in court." 

Most simply, LITIGATION COSTS TOO MUCH money, takes too much time, and fails to provide justice for anyone involved.

With years of experience sitting on all sides of the table representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in all types of cases, I have seen the various interests that typically drive all participants in mediation, whether its the parties themselves, their attorneys, insurance carriers, expert witnesses, or others involved.  While those interests are numerous and diverse, they must be acknowledged, understood, and accounted for if a dispute is to be resolved.  I know and understand the playing field and will mediate your dispute with patience, persistence, creativity, and most of all, with the utmost integrity.

With these conclusions in mind, MY APPROACH, is that...

  • I will not mediate until the case is ready for mediation and each of the parties wishes to mediate.
  • I will only conduct as many meditations as the parties deem productive.
  • My fee will be reasonable for the task at hand.
  • I will be persistent and relentless in following all matters to conclusion.  I will not give up.